How a lesson should be?

What is lesson? Is it true to announce an activity hour as  “lesson” ?  Or is it OK me to say “activity hour” ?

Anyway, who cares. If they say “lesson” let’s use this word. LESSON!

So, how a lesson should be? Worksheets? Songs? Writing activities? Games till the end of the lesson? Or speaking? Sitting on the cushion and listening the story?

What if I ask you; How do you create your lesson?

(If you read “WHO IS HELEN?” session, you will see I work in a kindergarten as an English Teacher. So my posts are about kindergartens, kindergarten students and kindergarten activities.)

First step is about a lesson is HAVE FUN at lesson. Yes, you read true. Have fun! You and your students! Have fun together.I know it is not possible every time to have fun, because we have some,I will not say boring, less entertaining stuffs in our plans.But try to be crazy during that part of the lesson too. Try different intonation to attract notice. If the lesson is interesting, they will love.If they love they will learn. Because they will be willing to learn. They will learn how to learn in an enjoyable way! So without forgetting this gold step, keep on reading other Helen’s step 🙂


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