In “How a Lesson Should be?” session , we talked about the steps of a lesson. As I said the most important thing in a lesson is HAVING FUN! And in this session I will tell other steps.

I think to start a lesson by asking some daily questions is nice. Students will understand that what’s gonna happen! ” Yes now she/he is here. And we will have fun. We will play games. We will learn. It’s her/his hour now.” Or such comments in their mind will appear. So they will automatically be ready to the lesson.

These questions are like below;

-Good morning! How are you today? How do you feel?

-What’s the weather like today?

-Who is absent today?

CIRCLE TIMES! They are absolutely perfect ways to warm-up. (By the way I will share some circle time activities examples later.) Circle times should be enjoyable activities and they should contain actions, for sure. Come one! They are like small grasshoppers who want to jump always. I mean literally ALWAYS! Have you ever seen a child who is tired of running or dancing or jumping??? The more your circle time is enjoyable and active, the more they ┬áwonder what’s gonna happen the rest of the lesson.

THE ORDER of your activities should be rational. Can a child sit on a cushion for 20 minutes? Can a child color pages one after another? Can you open song and wait them to dance for 15 minutes? OMG! I cannot imagine that class. After 10 minutes they’re gonna get spoiled and gonna do some things that we don’t want to see in our classrooms! So arrange your plan as ;

-one kineasthetic activity (such as dancing or a game)

-one stable activity (worksheet activity or coloring)

In that way they cannot find the way of  side-track.

DRAMAS should be placed in a lesson, definitely. Dramas are not just like games or acting someone. They are important for the students who are scared of making mistakes. If they feel themselves as someone else, making mistakes will be OK for them in front of the people. Because ┬áshe/he is not the person who makes the mistake, the person on the drama makes the mistake. Additionally, if you place the dramas on your lessons, it will not be hard that to prepare them to a year end ┬áshow ­čśë

Of course every teacher has their own way of teaching, own way of having fun. But in my opinion, teachers should share ideas. By sharing we’ll be more powerful than before. So don’t be shy to comment and share your ideas with us ­čÖé





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