Dıfferent country, dıfferent system

David’s a friend of Helen. He’s an industrial engineer in Colombia. We wonder how people learn and speak English in other countries. So we asked him to give us information about his learning process shortly.

“My name is David. I’m 23 years old. I graduated from Distrial Francisco Jose de Caldos University. I’m industrial engineer.  Our teacher was speaking in English only. If we don’t understand some things, she turns to speak in native language. I remember an activity in one of our lesson: we became news reporters, and dramatized. Teachers mostly use these kinds of activities for final.

We have 4 bimester in a year in primary schools and others except colleges. Each bimester, we apply four exams and final activities. We also use kids and Christmas songs in our classes.

The best thing in Colombia; the activities and games are focused in English learning. Theory is important but we have a lot of practice.”

Thanks David for sharing these with us.

Our education system is different of course, yet the ideas are the same. We know how practice is important to learn a foreign language. If you just stuck in simple techniques, you block students’ minds! Make them use the language! Play games, listen to the songs , make different activities, speak English!

Here’s a chart that shows Colombia’s education system:




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