Age of Learners: 5-6

Subject: Feelings

New language: sad, happy, angry, sleepy

Language: A: How do you feel?             A: Are you sad?

B: I’m happy.                       B: Yes, I am./ No, I’m not.

Materials: ball, puppet,flashcards, song,a puppet,movable face chart,soapboxes or bottles, facial parts (eyes,nose,mouth,etc.)

Warm up:

In this part, we get ss’ attention with a short activity which we revise some questions and answers we use in daily life. This part will be in the beginning of the every lesson.

-throw the ball to a student and ask a simple question like “ How are you?”

– repeat this several times with different students.

All the question types can be used in this part.

Questions that you can ask:

How are you?

Whats your name?

How old are you?

What’s the weather like today?

What’s the date today?



For this FEELINGS  COURSE PLAN , we choose “IF YOU’RE HAPPY” SONG from SuperSimple

If you’re happy song video

You can find the song’s lyrics below;




Guessing Game:

·         put feelings flashcards in front of you

·         choose one ( don’t look at it!) and show it to the students (ex: happy)

·         ss mime the feeling they see (They smile)

·         try to guess the feeling you hold and say it

You can download the flashcards ;




1.     Hide the puppet before the lesson

2.    When you enter the class, ask them to find it. (you can say “I am sad. I had a friend but I’ve lost it” etc.)

3.    Every student takes the puppet one by one ask feelings questions to each other.



P.S: You should prepare this craft before the lesson. It can be just one. But if you want to make it as a group work, you should make more than one.


Taken by


You should prepare it before lesson. You need;

-face parts

-brass fastener

You can download them below;




1.     Group the child.

2.    Each group will have one face chart

3.    Each student in each group will change the facial expression

4.    And make a sentence (I am happy/he is happy etc.)


-Soap box

– facial parts to make the feelingsa36a81d840dd93cee5807a5186d4b3ab.jpg


I guess they are gonna love it! You take all the soapbox in the school, make them new and funny.

And put them back in their places in the bathroom 🙂









Taken by



Wanna know more crafts about FEELINGS? Visit Helen’s Pinterest account!!!







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