Dıfferent country, Dıfferent system

This week, we have another friend from Portugal, Sam . Many many thanks to him for sharing his ideas and observations about education system in his country. Miss Helen made an interview with him and he answered all of the questions willingly for us.

Sam is 25 years old. He’s from Portugal. He graduated from Escola Profissional Agrícola Conde São Bento, Santo Tirso.

Helen: First, do you remember your English lessons at school? You can answer about kindergarten,primary or high school. Second, was your teacher speaking in English only? Or using the native language?

Sam S.: Yes, I remember in high school that our lessons were really nice. My teacher didn’t speak English to us, but tried to make us understand everything she was teaching.

Helen: How many hours did you take English lessons in a week ?

Sam: Hmm… I had like, 6 hours per week.

Helen: Do you have homework for English lessons?

Sam: Never had a lot of homework, only a few per lesson.

Helen: I see. They were  as classical workseet method  or real-world tasks? Do you remember what kind of?

Sam: Hmm most of the time, as worksheet, only a few times  we’re responsible for real-world tasks.

Helen: Have you been watching videos or listening to music in the lessons?

Sam: We used to have some lyric worksheet about a song which was quite interesting. We also watched movies, mostly to listen to the British accent.

Helen: Did you have speaking or writing activities?

Sam: We had both, but mostly writing exercises. We used to write and then make the correction of the exercise out loud.

Helen: What did you use as resource for the lessons? Does the government supply them for you or you buy them?

Sam: The books for the English lessons were bought by us. For English lessons and for the other subjects, government didn’t pay anything.

Helen: What do you say about English language teaching in your country shortly? What are the things need to change?

Sam: In general, I think its fine. One of the things that I don’t agree is that here in Portugal, they teach the British English. I like it but I think it should be taught in American  or the Australian. Because of the accent that for people who are learning it could be hard to understand.

Here’s a chart for Education system in Portugal:





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