Hey everyone! I hope you start a great education week with your cuties 🙂

Today I am with you with an interview about Spain education system. First of all I want to thanks to my friend Mamen, from Valencia, Spain.

Hello, I am Mamen . I’m  32 years old .I am from Spain. I graduated from Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

I started to learn English in primary school, but I hadn’t a native teacher. I remember that it was my first contact with English lessons and my teacher was amazing. She spoke very well and her classes were funny. I remember the songs we sing in the classroom still. I don’t remember if she used the songs everyday. But usually she did.

We usually did short compositions, sometimes like a cardboard with photos and text. And we were making exercise from the workbook.  Parents paid the books always. You could ask for a grant, but not always it was conceded.

The English teaching in Spain is not as good as it could be. At least when I was in primary school and high school it was not. They taught only grammar and vocabulary.  Not how to use it. We didn’t practice conversation. It’s an official centre which depends of the Ministry of Education and where you can learn different languages e.g. English, French, German, and Italian. It’s not an academy of languages. It’s cheaper than an academy and the teachers are civil servants like in the school.

I will tell you about Escuela de Idiomas, also.

I’ve been in this school for 4 years (Since first course of B1). And this is last course (second course of B2) It’s the first year that we are digging in how to pronounce properly.  I am happy to be here, because I like to learn English. And this year I am delighted with the teacher I have. He makes the lessons funny. Listening, speaking and funny explanations. Once he taught the pronunciation through the position of the mouth. And he was doing funny faces.

Here it is a table about education system in Spain;

education structure.JPG


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