Age of learners: 5-6 gaes

Subject: Jobs

New Language:teacher,policeman,nurse,doctor,barber,tailor,dentist,driver,cook,fireman,baker,farmer,postman, astronaut, mechanic, waiter


A: Are you a policeman?

B: Yes, I am           C: No, I am not.

Materials: jobs flashcards, song, cups with fake fire, a ball, uniforms worksheet

Warm up:

In this part, we get ss’ attention with a short activity. This part will be in the beginning of the every lesson. You tell a story to students by eliciting some answers from them.

T: Good morning students. Today while I was on the way of school by car, I see someone on the road. He shows us a sign. It was writing “STOP” and when he turns “GO”. And T waits students to say who is he? (Ss answer. Maybe they answer in native language. T corrects them) Then I see a building on fire. I hear the siren sound. Can you guess who comes? (Ss answer) It goes like this. The rest of the story depends on your creativity.

In this session you can use your flashcards when they elicit the answers.



By this song you can play a guessing game with your students.


Fire Knock Down Game

Materials; cups, fire template, a ball.


T shouts: Fire , fire there is a fire in the class!

And T throw the ball to a S. S comes and says: “I am the fire fighter.” And he/she extinguish the fire by throwing ball and knock down them.


Ss prepare their crafts. Color the uniforms and cut them. Each S has one body and 5 uniforms. They clothe their paper doll and make sentences as;

“I am a pilot.” “I am a teacher.” etc.

You can find the template below;

jobs uniforms

Craft 2: 

You can make a mechanic man tool belt.


You can find the tools worksheet below;

Click and download tool worksheet


Silent Cinema

T imitate a community helper by her body language and by using sounds. Ss try to guess which community helper is it. By exaggerating your actions, you can make an enjoyable lesson 🙂


At the end of  the lesson, don’t forget the wrap up session. You can ask which community helpers you learn today, what they do, where we can see them, etc.

I am posting lesson plans here, but first you need to fill the parts. Use your creative mind and make your lesson enjoyable for yourself and for your students. Don’t forget, you’re the hero of your class.

Wanna get more crafts for your jobs lesson? Visit my pins on pinterest









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