Hello everyone! I wish you all have great times, great memories in 2017. I wish you all have a perfect year with your cuties in 2017. Keep teaching and touching those small hearts 🙂

This Monday we are here with a new “DIFFERENT COUNTRY DIFFERENT SYSTEM” session. Our  country is The Netherlands( Holland). We had an interview with my friend Maarten. I really thank to him 🙂

“Hello! My name is Maarten Oosterhof. I am 22 years old and live in the Netherlands. I finished school and I’m working now. I learned for teacher assistant but there are no job applications for teacher assistant in the Netherlands.

The English lesson were given in Dutch. The words that we had to learn he spoke in English and the explanation was in Dutch (this was elementary/middle school) When I was learning for teacher assistant our lesson were in English and we also had an native English speaker.

I think I went to kindergarten but I cannot remember anything now. I know I played video games around that age. So I was in contact with English.

In primary school we had 1 or 2 hours English lesson a week,from the 4th grade till 6th grade.

We had homework in elementary school and also in middle school. In middle school we had to learn words and sentences and also the basic rules of English.

In elementary school (I cannot remember the names of the songs) we learned some songs. But in middle school we didn’t listen to any English song.

We had to order the books and cds ourselves just like all books in middle school. But I think the books were payed by the government.


Most of the elementary teacher don’t speak English that well. The PABO (school to become an elementary teacher) should teach more and at higher level English to the students. I know a lot of teacher who should not teach English but they still get the paper. The only reason the Dutch people speak English why Dutch language is similar to English.”

Here is the table of The Netherlands education system table;







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