Classroom Language is the basic language that teachers use. Of course this language takes some time for children, to learn and to get used. Knowing this language increases that the  children are exposed to the target language. When they learn enough, they will not wait to hear the instructions in native language, anymore. Of course teaching the classroom language can be hard for the teachers who learnt it themselves. Those teacher must concentrate on what the correct language is. Students have some difficulties in understanding the usage of the new language which works different from their native language. They must see and accept that languages work in different ways.

So you, the heroes of the class, should work much to teach this language, if you want to use ONLY the target language in your classes.

You can download useful classroom expressions in pdf, by clicking them below ;




Here it is a table about DO/DON’T in the class;


Ersöz, A. (2010). Teaching English to Young Learners. (Revised 2nd edition). Ankara: EDM Özel Eğitim Hizmetleri Yayıncılık ve Danışmanlık Tic.Ltd.Şti.



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