You’ve got to get up every morning with determination

If you’re going to bed with satisfaction.

                                                   George Horace Lorimer

I want to start with a question, first. Answer this question, keep your answer in mind.You’re supposed to answer it again at the end of the post:

What is your enthusiasm to teach?

You wake up,get up,brush teeth, eat some snack, get dressed, take your bag and go to school,etc,etc,etc. Now I want you to focus on your last Sunday night. What did you think about when you lie down on your bed? “Oh! Tomorrow is Monday! Come on! One more week of teaching?” or “Tomorrow I will do this and that in class” or “I’m gonna teach tomorrow to future of this country.” What do you think about? What makes you ready to teach day by day? What makes you feel lucky to teach everyday?


I was 10 years old when I decided to be a teacher. It have started with a “star” on my notebook by my primary teacher. Is it weird to have its influence still in my heart while I am teaching? I don’t know. I really don’t know what stops me to get angry or disappointed in class or demotivated.We are humans. Of course we get angry, we cannot understand our students and we ask mostly “Why are they doing this or that in the class? Don’t they still learn how to behave?” No, they don’t. Last time when I met my psychologist, we talked about “not to judge ourselves for what we did when we were young”and “not to think like ‘I wasn’t going to do that if I have this ideas now'” Yes, we don’t. How can we judge our last behaviors with today’s conditions and mind we have now? I’ve just wanted to mean that we cannot ,literally cannot, judge our students with their “current” behaviors.  We cannot wait them to act in our level,or think in our level. I mean, come on! They’re just children. Even high school students. They’re trying to find themselves and trying to belong this world.

Look! Where we came from a star! Anyway, I mean you can be more relaxed if you reach their level. Try to discover their feelings, wants, interests, and the things they really care. Listen to them. It’s is the best way to learn about them.You should be aware of their differences. Love your job and don’t be afraid to show it to your students. Smile and show your love. (with younger students) Hug them to show your love. In very young ages they need it. When the stuff is a challenge for them, don’t forget to show your support. When they achieve it don’t forget to celebrate.

Now think about your enthusiasm to be a teacher,the hero of the class. Why did you choose this job?

-I want to earn money

-I love kids

-I love teaching

-I love supporting struggle which I can celebrate when my kids achieve.And also I like inspire people.


An advice: Write down your enthusiasm points and try to create a slogan with them.You’re the hero in the class and every hero gets a slogan:

“Truth, justice and the American way.” (Superman)

“I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman.” (Batman)

With great power comes great responsibility. (Spiderman)

Write down your slogan in a piece of paper. And read it aloud. Feel it in your heart. Try to repeat reading it every  morning before you go to school.

Don’t forget: Teachers don’t say “I go to work.” They say “I go to school.” Our learning adventure is going on with our cuties, every single day.




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