I really like to find some different hobbies and interests. If these interests give me an opportunity to communicate people, it makes me feel better. Today i will tell about POSTCROSSING! 

Postcrossing is a site on internet which you send messages to people. But(!) there is something you should know about it. It doesn’t work as you are familiar with. I mean not like sending messages on Facebook or Line, or other apps. It uses real mail! I mean you have to go to post office to send your card.      My postcards which I received

“What is postcrossing;The goal of the Postcrossing project is to enable anyone to exchange postcards with random people around the world. That’s using real mail, not email!You can learn about far away places, different cultures or even practice foreign languages. Postcrossing turns your mailbox into a box full of surprises!


1. Create an account (you should write your address to receive cards)

2.Request to send a postcard. (Postcrossing selects a random member for you to send a postcard to. Their address and some profile details are shared with you. A Postcard ID is also provided: that’s an unique code (eg. US-12345) that identifies the postcard that you are about to send.) 

3. Write a postcard. You should also write the postcard ID down on your postcard to postcrosser register it.

4. When the postcrosser receive your card and resgister it, you are on the list to receive one! 

It goes like this: for every postcard you send, you’ll receive one back from another random member — and the more you send, the more you will receive. It’s that easy.

You can also choose your preferences;

The Postcrossing is safe about your addresses ! It has got many members . It is used in many countries. Let’s check it out!

I really get excited when i get postcards! You can also use it with your students. I mean why  not? If they can write, so it’s appropriate for them ! 
To heroes of the class;


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