“Prevention is the best medicine.”


Last week,I had some bad days because of my husband’s health problem. So, I have decided to post this!

How do you protect your body from bacteria? Is your immune system powerful?

A cold, a flu bring us a runny nose or nasal congestion,sneezing, coughing, and the worst weakness. It affects our performance at school. What we can do for our immune system? Here we go;

Stress. Stress is the most dangerous thing in our life. It affects everything. And it affects our immune system, as well. Try to keep away from stress. Try to create some time for yourself and for your body. You may start yoga. Not a course, but with a yoga app you can try to get relaxed.


PositivismTo keep away from stress and any illness you have to be positive against to life. Think that you are healthy, you are going well. Think and repeat that “I am healthy”. It will make you feel better.

8e34de4c16d77b72564b838eedbafe94_-image-nce-water-bottles-drink-more-water-clipart_819-1024    Water. Liquids are the best for our body. Especially water. If you get used to drink 2 liters of water in a day, after 20 days or more, you will start to feel better. Water makes you racy. I think it also affects our creativity in a positive way. You can also support your liquid amount by linden tea or green tea.

Sleep. Resting time and sleeping time help your immune system to fight with illnesses. Be sure that you sleep enough. Make an order. If you sleep at eleven, sleep every night.

Wash your hands. As we know, hands are the most dirty place in our body. The bacteria can infect easily by hands. You should wash your hands many times. Don’t touch your face, eyes or nose with dirty hands.After every lesson, wash your hands and teach it to your students. You know they rub their noses and don’t wash their hands. In one study of middle and high school students, about half washed their hands after using the bathroom — and only 33% of the girls and 8% of the boys used soap. 

Walk. Walk around a bit after school. Even 30 mins. will help to get stronger your immune system. Don’t forget to drink a cup op orange juice after your walk.

Walk Forest Couple

 Benefits of walking;

Lose weight

-Increase self-esteem

-Increases metabolism

-Increased energy

-Reduces stress

11_should-fruit-be-eaten-before-or-after-meals-770x402Vegetables and fruits. Give more places for vegetable and fruit on your meal. They are the most effective natural medicine in the world. The chicken soup is an effective way to prevent a flu. Fish is important in preventing. Eat more fish! If you are ill, keep away from junk food.

Clothes. Change your clothes daily. You can choose some clothes to wear only at school.If you sit down on the floor in class, don’t wear it again before you wash it. If you have a chance to take a shower everyday, do it! All day children sneeze towards your face. Wash your face with a cleansing gel.

Air. Open the window in break time. Air refresh the dirty air in class. If your students are not young learners, you can determine opening window as a task.

Hope you never be ill. I hope you get well soon as possible when you fall sick.







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