Why do we learn/teach a language? To learn different cultures as well! That’s why I’ve decided to post culture lesson plans. I hope you enjoy!


Age of Learners: 5 to 10

Subject: Spain and Spanish culture

Warm up: Teacher greets the class first. Asks same daily questions to students.

T shows the flag of Spain to kids and asks them about the country. After get the name of country, T can ask about what they know about Spain.

Video: T shows a video about Spain. ( You can use animated videos as well. But a video with real pictures and real life will be more understandable by children.) You can use the link below;

Spain Video

Color: Color the Spanish Flag



Song: While they’re coloring the flag, you can open a Spanish traditional melody or a Shakira song 🙂

Spanish Flamenco Melody


Craft:  a pair of rumba shaker

materials: 2 plastic bottle, small stones, finger paint


Put the stones on the bottle. Let them to color their bottles . And why not dancing with that rumba shakers?


Dance:  You can even try to dance flamenco with your cuties. You can make castanets and dance. Or you can use your rumba shakers.











Flamenco Dance Song



Game:  La Piñata. I am sure it will be the best game for them. You can put the candies, gums, lollipops in a shopping paper bag and hang it. When they hit, their smiles will be big.




Coloring: Color and dress


You can download the coloring pages by clicking the blue writing;



Craft:  Hand Fan: Just by folding the paper (the paper can be painted by them) you can have a hand fan. They can color them Spanish flag colors.



Food:  Paella: You can tell about the ingredients of Paella.



Color and Craft:  Matador and Toro


You can download here; matador-and-toro


As I told you before, I post course plans , but it is you who gonna make it full and appropriate for your own students. Have a nice week with your cuties.




To heroes of the class;





























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