Songs have an important place in our lessons. By songs we can teach anything; a new grammar structure, theme vocabulary, phrases, etc. 

Do you use YouTube actively? Have you subscribed any channel ? Well don’t worry if you have not yet! I will share some channels to you start subscription .

: It is my and my students’ favourite channel. Especially Baby Shark song. The songs include really perfect and attractive animations and visuals. 

Peppa Pig:
Peppa is a cute character for kids. Whenever i open an episode of Peppa Pig, i sit on the cushion and watch. The voice of Peppa is so remarkable. And its accent is all British.

The Singing Walrus:
When i teach transportation, i use a video of Singing Walrus. That song is awesome. Especially counting down for the rocket makes my kids excited.

Mother Goose Club
: This channel has a great cast, i can say. They are all energetic and happy. They also teach dance. 

Super Simple Songs:
This channel has clear and understandable songs. The lyrics are easy to learn for your kids. You can find songs in any subject.

Little Baby Bum:
If your students are young or inexperienced in English, this channel’s videos are going to fit them, probably.

Busy Beavers
: There are different animals in this channel’s songs. I am sure your students are going to love them and songs, for sure.

Pocoyo: My kids want me to open Pocoyo cartoon every day. They really like it. Pocoyo has adventures in many subjects. You can use them confidently in your classes. In cartoons, they study colors or numbers as well. 

Don’t forget to subscribe channels on YouTube!


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