Yes.. Yes.. I know it! I haven’t shared any posts recently. But look! I’m back!

Today’s post is, as I announced on my Instagram ( username: helenglishfun), ONLINE MAGAZINES for teachers.

We read much in a day; books, mostly course books, messages, newspapers, news feed on facebook. Well, what about articles? Have you read online articles? If yes; great! If your answer is no, let’s look below! There are many online magazines for teacher, which you can find useful for your class works. I’m sure that you follow some of them. But I want to share the online magazines which I follow!


elf magazine

This is my favorite one! You can find any subject, such as; experience sharing by teachers who have worked another country, exams, behaviors of students, classroom management, etc. The articles are easy to read and to understand. Especially the experiments are enjoyable and amazing. There is a button “ebooks” about teaching and teachers on the site. They are free or affordable. There is also an “event calendar”. Select the month or choose the region to see only events there. To see the details about the event click on the event.





Edutopia! This online magazine has a wide range of articles. Such as; project-based learning, teacher collaboration, learning environments, creativity, place-based learning, etc. By clicking “VIDEOS” button you can explore videos that showcase evidence-based learning practices in K-12 schools, and see our care strategies and key topics in action. (communication skills, learning environments, collaborative learning, critical thinking, etc.)

By clicking “TOPICS” button, you can find resources to help you implement project-based learning, social and emotional learning, comprehensive assesment, teacher development, integrated studies, and technology integration. There is also a Community section to discuss about teaching subjects.


Teachmag is an amazing magazine for teachers. You can find various sources and articles. Class management, social studies, classroom perspectives, popular subjects in class, technology, special education (autistic students, etc.) , educator book reviews and so on are in Teachmag Online Magazine. You can click on “books + resources by Teach magazine” and “articles en Français” and find more.

4. TEACHER MAGAZINE AU has a difference among other teacher magazines i have shared above. Yes, there are articles which are short and long, you may like. But there are podcasts and videos as well! Are you tired of reading today? Watch or listen! Whenever you want wherever you want! Subjects ,which i picked out , are; teaching as a highly regarded profession, childhood obesity- what can shools do? , so you want to be creative? , stem learning.

All online magazines, which i have shared , are available to subscribe and follow by e- mail. Don’t forget, you are a teacher. While you are educating your cuties, don’t forget yourself! 


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